Sandro Kopp is a German artist, currently based in Scotland. He creates portraits of people who might be miles away from him. Using Skype, he paints the portraits of people sitting at the other side of the Skype call.

Look at the portraits drawn by Sandro and you'll be taken aback by the expressions of people portrayed. They appear so exact. It takes Sandro between 3-5 hours to complete one painting. So far, he has drawn amazing portraits of family, and friends. I specially like the brush strokes in his creations giving the portraits a digitized look.

"During the sitting the connection speed may vary, pixelating distortions come and go and are integrated into the resulting work just as are changes in the light or in the expression of the sitter," explains artist.

But why Skype and not a photograph?

Well, while trying to find the reason behind it, I came across these lines and that's when I truly loved and appreciated the concept. "Currently, my feeling is that if I make a painting from a photograph of a person it will always remain a painting of a photograph... not a painting of a person", describes his website.

Aren't they amazing?
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