Joe Black creates mosaics from thousands of handmade badges. The badges he uses in creating such masterpieces are mostly made by Joe himself. The striking thing about his creations is that the badges he creates relate to the the subject of the mosaic.

Take, for example, his creation called 'Animal Farm' (image in the left). It consists of 1,389  badges of Western Culture imagery with corporate logos, fast food and obesity. It focuses on our never-ending wants for bigger and better. Superman represents this piece because he embodies goodness, physical beauty and power. "The defacing of the image of superman questions the desires and aspirations that drive us all to believe that mass consumption will make us better human beings, leading fulfilled lives. Does ‘super’ necessarily mean good?", describing further.

All of his creations are based on a thought-stimulating concept. He also uses oil paints and acrylics to finish his artwork.

Have a look at the other awesome artworks by Joe:

Sexual Verkäufe

Featuring Kate Moss, it is made from 1208 handmade badges depicting erotic images, Nazi Germany and iconic Britain.

Eat My Lies

Made from 1,316 handmade badges depicting Western glamour imagery and iconic Playboy covers.


Made from 1,524 handmade badges depicting modern culture and aviation imagery.

Carry Your Own Sins Missy

Made from 1478 handmade badges of collected imagery, from Elvis and Disney cartoons to the Vietnam War. 


Made from 1,875 handmade badges


Made from 897 badges depicting off-beat portraits.

Animal Farm

Featuring Superman, it is made from 1,389 badges of Western cultural imagery interspersed with corporate logos, fast food and obesity.

Devil's in the detail

Made from 2,435 handmade badges depicting modern day culture imagery.


Made from 1208 handmade badges depicting erotic and ethereal images.

Definitely give a read to the concepts behind these creations. You will be amazed! Visit his website at Mrjoeblack.com.

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    Beautiful and thought-provoking mosaics made from badges. Simply amazing!

    Mike @ Name Badges


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