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The internet offers immense opportunities for organizations to collect data on customer preferences in order to launch better products. As the social networking platforms and the organizations' own websites allow for interaction with consumers, the fact is that the feedback is not going to be positive all the time. Negative feedback can go viral online. This can cause considerable damage to a product's brand equity. There are ways to deal with negative feedback objectively.

What to do

1. Sift genuine complaints from slanderous remarks

All the negative remarks do not express genuine concerns of your clients. Some comments are made just to malign an institution or a product. Read and separate genuine issues for attending to the problems.

2. Reply to soothe genuine concerns

Allay people's concerns by assuring a quick look-in into complaints. If the issue relates to services on offer, give a time frame for the issue to be resolved to the satisfaction of the client. Be forthcoming in letting your customers know that the organization values each customer and strives hard to offer excellence in services.

3. Appreciate constructive criticism

It is not possible to please everyone with a product or service. There are going to be people who desire more from a product than what is on offer. Be open to suggestions. Let people know that you are willing to accept criticism that is real and is not something that stems from a desire to deride the product for no apparent reason.

4. Be quick in your response

Negative feedback can cause considerable damage to a brand. A quick attempt at damage control is called for. The more quickly you respond to an issue, the better are the prospects of avoiding an escalation of the matter.

What to avoid

1. Do not get into a verbal duel

Slanderous remarks, meant to malign a product or a brand, do not deserve revert. Do not give importance to such mentions. It is also likely that an unsatisfied customer may present a really bad picture of a product. Do not revert in the same tone. Try to pacify the client. Get the issue addressed to bring it to close.

2. Do not delete negative comments

All the comments on your website need not eulogize your company's services. It is unlikely that any organization will never have an unsatisfied consumer. Learn to accept the brickbats with the bouquets. Let the negative comments be there. Your offer of resolution and information on the handling of the matter will generate confidence in the services on offer.

3. Do not ignore comments

If you offer a platform for interaction, it is a must for you to acknowledge the responses. If you ignore the problems that your clients are facing, you lose out on customers in a competitive market. Do not allow this to happen.

Handling negative feedback is all about managing the issues tactfully. Customers facing issues are more than willing to take your offer for rectification within a specified time frame. Address people's concerns and gain their confidence. This will not only contain the damage that negative feedback can cause but will also bear a testimony to the organization's commitment to its clients.
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