Tokyo born and based Photographer Hal is greatly influenced by elements like couples, love, intimacy, challenge, etc. His photography series 'Flesh Love' is also based on the same lines. It comprises couples in different positions who are vacuum sealed and then photographed. They are taken at the set constructed in the artist's kitchen. Earlier, he has photographed couples in motels, bathtubs and now in vacuum-sealed packs.

The artist believes that communication between couples is indispensable even in restricted spaces. Therefore, he decided to seal the couples in vacuum packs where the couples are seen melting into each other.

Talking about the technique used in this series, the artist explains "the lights are in the ceiling, so I just lip one switch and have everything ready. I have a few different colored paper backgrounds, which I can leave rolled up in the corner until there's none left. This gives me 10 seconds to take the shot. In this extremely limited time I can't release the shutter more than twice."

The couples are dressed up in the most outrageous outfits; some have wackiest designs on their body and some are awkwardly positioned. Have a look:

I can't really decide whether I call it creepy and awkward or brilliant and out of the world. Nevertheless, it is truly artistic. What do you think?

And yes, the series is available as a book and iPad app.
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