Top 6 Online Degrees For 2012

Posted: 1/13/2012
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If you want to start a successful and fresh career in 2012, going back to an online school is indeed the best option. If you are not sure what to study in the New Year, here I have compiled a list of top 6 online degrees to start in 2012.

Online Information Technology Degree

Individuals who love working with computers can pursue an online information technology degree. Whether you want to become a computer repairer, computer programmer or a software engineer, this online degree program is for you. Earning an online bachelor's degree in information technology (IT) instills fresh and up-to-date skills to students. You can acquire with an in-depth knowledge of computers, especially in areas like network administration and database technology.

Online Graphic Design Degree

In today’s internet world, jobs for graphic designers are in great demand. An online graphic design degree helps you create magazine covers, websites, fliers, newsletters, logos, advertisements and more. A graphic design degree will prepare you for the corporate world by giving advanced knowledge of typography, color and composition, drawing board skills, branding, identity, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and more. A graphic designer creates an aesthetically appealing websites in a clear and understandable format that will attract users to browse site’s content.

Online Business Administration Degree

A business Administration degree is another popular online degree program for 2012. People who enrolled in an online business administration degree are confident decision-makers with long-term goals in mind. In a business administration degree program, students will familiarize with accounting, marketing, human resources as well as learn how to influence and manage a corporation. With regards to salary, individuals holding a business administration degree have good earning potential and can earn up to $100,000 yearly.

Online Nursing Degree

Choosing a nursing profession is a sensible option as it is a hot career because of great demand, high salaries, and a myriad of careers. According to the U.S. and World Report list, nursing career is ranked in the top five best careers for 2012. Online nursing degrees offer limitless career opportunities in different areas including labor and delivery, oncology, pediatric, surgical nursing and more. Additionally, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, career prospects for nurses are expected to grow further by 23 percent by 2016. In an online nursing degree, students will learn how to treat acute and chronic health problems plus how to effectively communicate with doctors, pharmacists and physical therapists. So, if you love helping others, enroll in an online nursing program today!

Online Computer Science Degree

Computer science is one of the most demanding professions because of latest advancements in technology. The field of computer science offers bright and secure employment opportunities in a wide variety of sectors ranging from government, to financial services, to education. Individuals with an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate degree in computer science can attain professional and technical skills, training and educational experience that will make them eligible for well-paying lucrative careers.

Online Criminal Justice Degree

The field of criminal justice is the preferred field for individuals who want to be in law enforcement. An online criminal justice degree helps you learn about criminal justice laws, theories, forensic, and the court system. The degree enables you to pursue several careers in different areas such as law enforcement, law, public policy, the court system and criminal investigations. As a criminal investigator, you will likely work with informants, suspects, and witnesses to solve criminal mysteries. They learn to collect enough evidence for a court appearance and the sentencing of a criminal as well as use forensic evidence to solve crimes. In addition, criminal justice professionals keep records and background information on criminals.

Hopefully, considering the aforesaid top online degrees will help you get into rewarding and successful career fields in the year 2012. So enroll in top online schools today and begin your new career.
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