This guest article was contributed by Missy Diaz who runs the popular eBook Reader Geek site and loves to dish on all things tech and reading. The most visited page on her site right now is the one dedicated to the hottest Kindle Fire Covers available for the new Amazon tablet.

With the release of the Kindle Fire from Amazon there’s going to be an increased interest and demand in media for the device. When the iPhone came out in 2007 no one knew or expected the phone to revolutionize the app space. Yet that’s exactly what it did.

We are a tad biased here as we run a site dedicated to ebook readers and tablets however we are willing to go on the record here and now and state the the Kindle Fire from Amazon is going to do to digital reading what the iPhone did to the app market. As a small business owner you're main interest lies in running and managing your company - to tie this all together, below we highlight and review five Kindle books that will help you do just that.

Without further intro let’s take a look at five good books aimed at small business owners that are available (as of this writing) on Amazon for the Kindle Fire.

Switch - the Heath brothers (Dan and Chip) are the duo behind this book and they’re so awesome they nabbed two spots on my list. Switch is a book about change. How it can work against you or how it can work for you. The cool thing about this book and all books by the Heath brothers is the story telling found in all of their titles. Change is something that is a constant and never before has this been more true than the whirlwind 24 hour 7 days a week lightning speed world we all live in now. With technology and business so heavily intertwined now, if you don’t keep up - you will be left behind. Read this book if you fear change, yet know it’s something you can’t escape and need something interesting and entertaining to read on how best to deal with it.

Made To Stick - this book is also from the Heath brothers and it’s another solid read this time on the topic of ideas. An immensely enjoyable book and one you won’t be able put down till it’s read from beginning to end. In Made To Stick the brothers delve into why some ideas thrive while others die. If you’re a small business owner in search of inspiration and stories on the topic of “ideas” this book is a must in your Kindle book collection.

Will Work From Home by Tory Johnson - if you’re not familiar with Tory Johnson, she’s a correspondent for the Good Morning America work at home segment and can be seen discussing the many virtues of working from home and how to make a business out of it. Will Work From Home is a compilation of tips and tricks for those who are interested in possibly creating a home based business or for those who already run a business at home and seek tips and encouragement from a pro.

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur - written by one Mike Michalowicz, the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur is a fun and informative book written by someone who has started three multi-million dollar companies and also has a popular blog to boot by the same name. The book has gotten many rave reviews on Amazon many noting how entertaining and ‘funny” Mike is in dispensing his wisdom and experience. Get this book if you like your small business tips and info served up with a side of humor.

Start Something That Matters - behind this book is a great story. The story of Tom’s Shoes, the online start-up that for every pair of shoes sold one gets donated to someone in need. Start Something That Matters, the book and the company are the product of Blake Mycoskie. A fiercely independent and social conscious entrepreneur Blake started a business model that has caught on and spawned other similar ventures where the idea is simple: mix business with social stewardship. A business model that If set up correctly, marketed smartly and connects to a specific audience will yield success. This book delivers the story of Tom’s Shoes as told by its founder and visionary - Blake Mycoskie. A fascinating read for any small business owner.

There you have it. Our top five picks for good Kindle books aimed at small business entrepreneurs. Share your personal favorite small business Kindle book below in the comment area? We look forward to hearing about your faves.
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    These books are extremely useful for people who want to open a new business or who want to improve their current ones. It's great you can find out whatever you need to do to have a prosperous business. The same things were applied by other successful businessmen, like Yury Mintskovsky or the late Steve Jobs, so why can't they be applied by other owners who are at the beginning of their road.


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