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It’s always great to connect with other people. We need that because we are pack animals and we can’t survive on our own. Luckily, the Internet allows us to socialize with people all over the world, therefore giving even the most shyest guy (or girl) a chance to find a friend online.
But things have changed in the past few years: marketers have realized that social networks have great potential in terms of finding customers; and when Facebook came around, a new era of internet marketing has begun.

Why “Likes” Are So Important?

If you are just a regular user, “likes” allow you to share interesting content: articles, news, photos, videos where panda’s sneezing. Marketers use this feature to spread their content to different people. When a follower of yours clicks “Like,” your message is delivered to his friends; these friends may then share your content with their followers. This snowball effect can bring a lot of targeted traffic to your blog. It is very similar to the “retweet” button on Twitter.

How To Get A Huge Amount of “Likes?”

The principle behind getting your messages spread between hundreds or even thousands of people is simple: create quality content and engage people. Here are some great ways to do that:

1) Create a very popular blog and place a “like” icon. Of course, it’s easier said than done (I mean, building a popular blog), but if you achieve that you will see so much traffic and buyers on your website, it will make your head spin.

Then all you will need to do is place a Facebook icon or banner and track how many times your readers have shared your content.

2) PPC Campaigns. Facebook allows to spread your content across your targeted audience. Just go to:
http://www.facebook.com/advertising/ and setup your first ad campaign. Here is how everything looks from the inside:

And here is how you target a specific audience:

It may all seem a bit confusing at first, but setting up a campaign is easy.

But how do I know whom to target?

That is a good question (it has to be – I asked it ). To figure out our audience we will use 2 free resources:

1)  Google Insights
2)  Quantcast

There may be other resources out there that might help you (like Alexa), but – for now - let us stick with these two.

Let’s say our niche is “dog training.” Let us use Google Insights to check which countries we need to target:

As you can see, this market is huge in the U.S., Australia and United Kingdom (and if you want – Canada).

Now let us find out a bit more about our audience using Quantcast. I will analyze a website that is in the dog training niche and check who visits it.


And here are the results:

I’m not really sure how exactly they know all that, but let us assume that this data is valid.

Now all that’s left to do is input all this data in the Facebook ad and you’re done.

3) Always create good content. I’ve already mentioned this. People won’t “like” your messages unless you give them a reason to. So before spreading out your articles, videos and photos – make sure that they are worth spending time on.

4) Don’t be afraid to ask people to share your content. If you are sure that your message brings value to the table, then ask people to share your content with their friends.

5) “Like” other pages and they will “like back.” According to Robert Cialdini, if you do someone a favor they are most likely to return it back. So, in essence, you can contact the admin of a popular Facebook group and say “I liked your group, could you please also like mine?”

6) Create a great Facebook page and drive traffic with Stumbleupon ads. This is also a PPC program, but unlike Facebook’s, it is really cheap and can drive a lot of traffic. The downside is that these visitors do not convert very well, so unless your page looks intriguing, this traffic won’t do you any good.

7) Create a video with quality content and ask people to “Like” you. If you upload some awesome content, you will get a lot of views on your videos. People will appreciate your effort and do whatever you tell them to (Like sharing your video and facebook page with their friends).

To make a video popular, you need to make sure it is entertaining or/and instructive. Also, find out what tags are your competitors using and just steal them.

8) Buy “Likes” to your Facebook page. There are services on fiverr that allow you to get 200-500 “Likes.” Here is an example:

This traffic is, probably, not targeted so it won’t bring any financial value to you. But that is not what we are after: having many likes gives you social proof. When people see that your page is popular, they usually want to check it out more closely (that is how the herd mind works).

9) Give away your content for “Liking” your page. This is a very creative way to get more fans: create a page that unlocks its content after a visitor shared the page with his friends. Here is an example of that (no affiliate links):


Thank you for reading this article.
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