Convenient Gadgets & Gifts is an eCommerce company that brings some of the coolest and unique products that can turn out to be fun gift ideas for someone you love...including yourself.

"Our gadgets are geared at either helping you in your everyday life, in emergencies, or to just making you smile" they say.

They have recently introduced their latest series called "Spark Their Creativity" where they have rolled out four playful products that leave a lot of room for personalization and creativity by you or the one on the receiving end.

Convenient Gadgets and Gifts was founded in 2003 by Jeremy and Lucy Hunter, and they have come a long way since. The lovely couple has graciously offered 10% discount for E-junkie.info readers who might be interested in buying something from their "Spark Their Creativity" series.

You can use the below mentioned discount coupon code for any of the product featured in this article:

Discount coupon code: EJUNKIE10

Please note that this coupon is case sensitive, therefore use caps (upper case) for all characters while purchasing the product.

Cardboard Radio

A simple and environmental friendly radio that not only plays your favorite stations but also lets you use your iPod or any other MP3 player. Think of the cardboard as an empty canvas, and draw whatever you please, in however way you like. The aim is to get creative while enjoying some good music.

$28.95 (Link)

Paper Watch

This product lets you bring in a little humor by letting you design the watch that you would like to gift. This watch is made from tear-resistant paper and is a blank canvas with a digital watch. "It can be whatever you want it to be, style it yourself with biros, marker pens, paint, stencils or anything else you can find to express yourself!" describes the website.

$12.95 (Link)

Metal Marvels

Remember the movie 'Apocalypse Now' or 'Platoon'? Well, these movies featured one of the most famous helicopters in the world: Bell UH-1 and below is the replica of that helicopter.

It's not just a replica, it is a trap to bring back your childhood days because you will have to assemble them using an instruction sheet that comes with the product.

You can also get yourself the very famous and iconic 'Empire State Building" and try to assemble a tiny version of an architectural marvel.

$8.95 (Link)

Comic Strip Photo Frame

There comes a night in everyone's life that makes us wanna capture each and every thing that occurred that night...mostly because we end up forgetting everything the next day. This product can be rather embarrassing gift for your friend, 'coz not only can you add multiple pictures in the frame, but also narrate a story using speech bubble stickers.

Didn't I tell you it's all about testing your creativity?

"Let your inner comedian wild as you pepper witty comments and commentary over the marvelous achievements and/or sloppy mishaps of friends and family." teases the website.

$18.95 (Link)

If you would like to buy any of these products, then do remember to use the discount coupon code mentioned in the beginning of this article. Also, do visit their website to check many more amazing gadgets and gift products.

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