Todd McLellan is a photographer hailing from Toronto. He graduated in Fine Arts from Alberta's College of Art & Design in 2002. In one of his newest projects called 'Disassembly', he has disassembled various vintage gadgets, rearranged them cleverly & creatively and then has captured them through his lens. The idea and concept behind the whole series is just outstanding. The list of gadgets includes old typewriter, camera, clock, push lawn mower, recorder, etc..

This series by Todd reminds me of the gadgets we have discarded long ago and it was refreshing to see them amidst the hi-tech gadgets being bombarded on us from all the four sides. It is indeed a beautiful and one of the most creative still life photography series I have ever come across.

Check out this awesome interview with Todd and get to know everything about 'Disassembly Series':

Todd, let's start with a brief introduction of yours.

I am 34 years old, have lived in Canada my whole life, and now live in Toronto. I have been a photographer for almost half of my life and have been working commercially for 6 years now.

What inspires the artist within you?

What inspires me is the world around me. Things that happen in everyday life, really simple things. Weather it be noises, visuals or words that I see. I create images in my head that I try to put in a 2D form. I have 2 books filled with ideas, that I can't convey the way that I would like.

Tell us about your disassembling artwork.

I collected old items that were laying around thrift shops or the streets. These items were all so interesting being they were all mechanical and still worked. I used a few of them personally like the flip clock, phone, camera, and briefly the lawn mower. I wanted to photograph them in some way that would give them meaning for their existence. I tried a few versions and ended up just laying them out disassembled. I have a very keen interest in finding out how things work. I can just imagine the hands that put them together with such precision. We don't get the same thing out of current technologies and the product now don't last nearly as long.

How did you get into photography world? Did you always want to become a photographer?

My family has always been into photography as a serious hobby. I never really considered it until after my first year of College.

I originally wanted to do graphic design but couldn't handle the first year where I was tied to a desk. I needed to move and explore and photography allowed me to do this. I have a great respect for graphic design and frequent many blogs revolving around this.

You've done so many projects. I know it's difficult to pick but which one is your favorite?

I have a few projects on the go, but all are life long projects. I get tired of them so fast and have to leave them. The disassembly has been my favorite. I still continue to work on it. I think sometimes it's good to sit on projects and let them happen naturally rather than force them and that's how this one has worked.

Share your fondest memory through this artistic journey.

Every time I think of this journey I think of different memories. Right now the one that comes to mind is when shooting miniature car racing (Go Carts) and I had my camera strapped to the wheel well and at the final turn it came loose and went sliding along the track into the border. Luckily it survived enough to use. This is a much different experience than when shooting in the studio on the disassembly project.

Share the best compliment you've ever received for your work.

I get all kinds of feedback from this latest project. People often share stories about how the items I disassembled played a role in their lives and how they bring back fond memories for them. I think even though it's not a direct compliment, it really makes me warm inside.

Do you have any dream project?

I have had a dream project for years and don't know if it will ever come to reality. It involves taking apart an electric transit street car. It has so many well built pieces to it. Another would be a piper plane from the seventies. The biggest project that I have tackled so far has been an upright grand piano from the early 1900s.

What message do you have for our readers?

Whatever you create, keep creating.

Check out Todd's website to see his full portfolio.

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