Other than adorable dogs, food is one of my biggest weaknesses, therefore whenever I come across beautiful stuff created or inspired by food, I can't help and share it with our readers.

Shay Aaron, an incredibly creative artist hand makes tempting food miniatures from polymer clay; these miniatures are then turned into earrings, pendants, studs, rings, bobby pins and charms.

Shay makes them so beautifully and flawlessly that by simply looking at the images, one can easily confuse his miniatures with actual food products. Here are some of my favorite creations:

Mojito Earrings

Sweet Corn Earrings

Fruit Cupcake Earrings

Icing Cookies Studs

Salted Caramel Ice Cream Earrings 

The Butcher's Necklace 

Ice -Cream Sandwich Necklace

Macrons Necklace

Just Chocolate Studs

Waffles For Breakfast - Studs

Cabbage Earrings

Ruby Grapefruit Earrings

Salami and Onion Pizza Earrings 

Subway Earrings

Spaghetti Earrings


Aubergine Earrings

Red Cabbage Charm

Watermelon Necklace

Coffee Beans Studs

Avocado Studs 

Coffee Break Ring

Amongst all the jewelry featured in this post, if I had to choose one....I would choose two. :P The Butcher's Necklace and Watermelon Necklace! What about you?

Visit Shay Aaron's stop on Etsy.

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