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Let’s face it. Product launches take a lot of work. Landing pages are essential to product launches because this is the page where it all happens. It’s the action page. The page stands between success and failure for your product launch. 

You can’t afford mistakes.

It’s okay. I’m here to help. Studying landing pages and helping set up product launches gave me a list of things you can use to increase the success of your landing page. It’s not a complete list, but can help you get started.

1. Losing your visitor’s interest. 

One of the main rules of copywriting is that you have to grab attention. If your headline doesn’t glue eyes to the page in five seconds, then you’re going to lose sales. Know your market. Show how your product solves problems in the headline.

That’s sexy, attention-grabbing copy with benefits.

Here’s what to do: Start by researching what your customers want. Make a list of words they use. You’ll notice a pattern of similar problems. Find their desire and use it in your headline. It’ll grab their attention.

2. Cluttering the page.

Direct your visitor’s eyes down through the copy. If they click links to go to another blog or page, you’ve just lost them. You want them to read the entire page and not get distracted.

Here’s what to do: Eliminate links to your blog, products and pages at the top of the header. Use a clean page with clean graphics. The content area for your copy should be on a light background. White is the best color to read black text.

3. Unconvincing copy. 

No one wants to buy from someone who hasn’t already gotten the results this product promises. You have to give proof the product works in the copy. You also have to prove your credibility.

Here’s what to do: Use testimonials for the product. Stories from people who have had success and who fit your ideal customer profile are sometimes the ultimate deciding factor for a visitor. You can do this with two things. The first is testimonials from your test group that have used the product and have had results. The second is from your credibility, which you demonstrate through your story.

4. Ignoring the element of story.

What’s every story have that glues your eyes to the movie screen? A hero and a villain. We can identify with the hero because he has believable qualities or is in a situation we’ve been in before. Your visitors will want to know exactly who is offering the product and what it can do for them. Use examples from your own problems and how you’ve found solutions to create your product.

Here’s what to do: Use the three-act structure in your copy. You can make yourself or the product the hero. The villain is whoever or whatever is causing your hero undue stress. Show how your product is the solution to your leads.

5. Turning a cold shoulder to some people.

When I worked in a scuba shop, we used to receive free magazines to hand out to customers. Every month when the magazine would come in, there would be one that was placed in the office for shop employees to read, except this magazine was different. It had strategies on making the shop better and sales techniques.

In one issue, a story addressed the four main personality types that would visit a retail store. Except they not only visit retail stores, but your landing pages too. In short, this is why long copy sells way better than short copy.

Here’s what to do: Take note of how your target audience talks. You’ll notice them using certain words that represent their way of learning and processing information. Look for feeling words, seeing words, hearing words and those who write with specifics. This last group are the ones who analyze everything and get in-depth in their questions about a product. You have to anticipate each of these customers visiting your landing page and write copy that speaks to them.

6. Risking your sales.

Or maybe I should’ve phrased that NOT risking your sales. This is the part where you place a guarantee on your page. It’s called reversing the risk. Whether you’re selling a low priced e-book or a multi-thousand dollar program, having a guarantee will get more people to buy.

Some might just want to snoop and see what new insights you have to offer.

Some are skeptical because of being burned by other products in the past.

But some will stay the course after the thirty, sixty or ninety days of your guarantee and love your product.

Here’s what to do: Tell your prospects that you’re taking all the risk. You’re going to let them try your product for 30 days free and give them a full refund if they’re not satisfied with the results.

7. Failing to test the process.

Everyone makes mistakes. You might be in a time crunch to get your landing page up, but one letter missing from a URL address will stop your customer from making their purchase on launch date. Maybe they’ll tell you or maybe they won’t.

Here’s what to do: Go through the point of sale process. Click the order button and walk through the sale, making sure everything works before you launch.

Do you have some tips to add to these? Share your landing page stories in the comments.

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    I know this isn't the complete list for crushing those landing page conversions, and I’d love to hear other ideas. How do you craft your landing page for results?


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    Thank you to the Ejunkie team for running this post.

    I know this isn't the complete list for crushing those landing page conversions, and I’d love to hear other ideas. How do you craft your landing page for results?


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