Hart Main, is just another teenage boy who feels nauseated from those girly candles that smell like lavender, mint or lilies, so he decided to take matters in his own hands and create a range of candles that produces fragrance that men would like.

So what do men like? Baseball? Beer? Leather? Bacon? Campfire? or Granpa's Pipe?

I would say all of the above. Other than these 'fragrances' this 13 year old entrepreneur also created scented candles that will make your room smell like New York pizza, cedar, coffee and freshly cut grass.

It all began when his 12-year old sister was raising some money for school by selling candles, and Hart decided to come up with a manly solution and invested $100 dollars for his startup.

"I started my business with a $100 investment that I made from delivery papers for the local newspaper, delivering flyers for a local cell phone store, and umpiring for the local rec baseball league." he says.

With complete support of his mum and dad, Hart's business takes about 300 orders a week and like a good citizen and concerned entrepreneur, he believes in charity and recycling. He uses soup cans for these candles and donates a soup for every can purchased; he's working towards recycled cans as well.

"Almost every can has been purchased and the soup donated to a soup kitchen, hospital, church or other non-profit organization. A few empty cans have been donated to me. At this point over 3000 cans of soup have been donated." says Hart.

Check out these candles at Hart's website: man-cans.com.

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    This is a great idea! My husband would probably appreciate something like this. :) Will check out the site.


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