As an Art lover, I keep looking for some artwork that catches my attention  and then I landed on a page where I saw a beautiful paper crafted Audi 7. My eyes couldn't really believe if it was paper crafted or it was a real one! Well, I think this is the main attraction of what we call an amazing art!

Taras Lesko is a Washington based graphic designer and visual spice master. A graduate in Fine Arts and Visual Communication, he sought after breaking the barriers of innovation and creativity. His projects are a real treat to eyes with a fascinating concept.

"With every personal project, my goal is to always challenge myself creatively and to come up with new ways of making my ideas a reality. In addition to designing on a computer, I have a deep passion for creating things with my hands", shares the artist on his website.

Taras, please introduce yourself to E-junkies.

Taras Lesko (Visual Spicer), originally from Ukraine, a 28 year old Graphic Designer by day, Visual Artist by night, currently living near Seattle Washington with my wife Oksana and our cat Pinky.

What motivates the artist with you? Is there anyone whom you look up to?

I receive my inspiration and guidance from God, first and foremost. He's the creator of the universe and the ultimate source of inspiration. I'm motivated because I'm in tune with the creative gifts which God has placed within me for a purpose. I'm driven to work hard because life is short and I want to make every minute count knowing that it was well spent creatively, emotionally and spiritually.

Loran Lichty
Freedom Gundam
Radiant Light

Your paper crafting works are awesome. I specially liked the Audi A7 and The Big Wall. I am keen to know more about them.

Papercrafting started as a hobby of mine 2.5 years ago, somewhat as an experiment. "The Big Wall Project" was a challenge my wife presented to me when she asked me to make something creative for a big blank wall in our house. This project set off my papercrafting flame and my time-lapse videos.

The Audi A7 papercraft was the most complex commissioned papercraft I recently created for Audi of America as a replica of their newly announced 2012 Audi A7 sedan. This papercraft was displayed at their A7 launch event and the 2011 NY Auto Show.

Your 'Journey project' looks very interesting. What is the concept behind it?

This was a very fun charity project I had the opportunity of creating for RCS (Renton Christian School) with over 50 amazing junior-high students. The art piece, being Christian themed, is made up of a cross in the center, representing Jesus Christ, and over 100 Ichthus fish all around the cross pointing towards it, representing Christ-followers. This artwork is a reminder to Christians, myself included, that following Jesus and living a fulfilling life according to his teachings and guidance is a life-long journey. I came up with the concept and templates for the artwork while students at RCS did all the decorating and production work. This artwork was then sold at an auction which the school benefited from. It was a success.

Which project has been the most challenging for you so far?

The Audi A7 papercraft clocking in at 245 hours from start to finish. It was the most complex papercraft I ever created topped with a budget, client reviews and a very tight deadline all of which added to the pressure. I loved the experience and learned a ton in a short amount of time.

And the most special project to you is _______________?

All of my projects have some special value to me because it's what I live to do. Maybe someday when my life in this world is nearly over, I'll look at the entire body of my work and be able to see the whole meaning to it all or pick out the single project which made the greatest impact. Until then, the journey continues...

Viewtiful Joe
Self Portrait

Share one best compliment you have ever received for your work.

I get compliments all the time which I really appreciate especially when it's from my friends and family because I value their input the most. However, what I love even more is when the haters out there tell me that I have no life, I have too much time on my hands, or that I'm killing our planet by using too much paper, and so on. These comments are the most entertaining.

What was your first project? When did you realise that you're meant to be an artist?

I've been into some form of creative arts my entire life. My Mom still has my drawings from when I was just a few years old and they're quite hilarious to look at now. Being a graphic design artist was a no-brainer for me. I can't imagine doing anything else.

Do you have any dream project?

My dream is to make visual arts on a full-time basis, dedicating my work entirely to expressing myself as an artist and continuing to build my creative ministry.

What message do you have for our readers?

Be yourself, love who you are, dream big and work hard. We are all creatively and uniquely gifted for a greater purpose. Discovering these gifts and using them is discovering your purpose in life. That's my story...

Taras, thanks for a wonderful interview and sharing your story with us. It has been a wonderful experience knowing about you and your very cool projects! We look forward to more of them and we wish you all the  very best!

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