Try searching blogging tips on Google, and you will be bombarded with endless search results on how you can get huge traffic to your blog and earn big bucks through it. Some of those articles might make sense, but most of them just repeat what others are already saying.

Only expert and experienced bloggers who know what they're talking about can give you advice and tips that you can actually use. We have interviewed numerous bloggers in the past, and all of them have shared inspiring, practical and motivating tips on blogging.

So today we've compiled these invaluable tips from our 14 expert bloggers that can give you better tips and insights on blogging that you will not find elsewhere.


Amanda Bottoms was only 7 years of age when she started teaching herself about computers and technology, and today she runs a wonderful blog called Kevin and Amanda, where she shares everything about her life, interests, family and adventures. Apart from scrap-booking, photography and cooking, Amanda shares her hobby for unique fonts on her blog, and very generously she allows her readers to download her wonderful collection of fonts for free.

"SavvyBlogging.net, ProBlogger.net and BloggingWithAmy.com are great resources for all bloggers- those just starting out and seasoned bloggers like me! I love getting tips from them- I am subscribed to their RSS and Twitter feeds."

(Interview with Amanda Bottoms)


Like most bloggers, Beckie's blog started off as a personal blog where she shared her new life after moving across the country and published those day-to-day projects that she worked on. Little did she know that it would turn out to be her full time job and that her ideas will inspire thousands of her readers to create and craft.

"Bottom line - Blog because you love to. If blogging ever loses the joy for you then don’t be afraid to say goodbye. Never lose sight of what makes your blog unique."

(Interview with Beckie)


Chris C Ducker is a virtual CEO and helps small-medium sized business owners and entrepreneurs grow their business and increase their productivity. His blog focuses on creating an entrepreneurial lifestyle what we all dream to live. Chris hates the idea of being handcuffed to one place and working incessantly. He is admired as one of the finest entrepreneurs on web with 18 years of experience in Sales and Marketing.

"Well, from a blogging stand point I think a lot of people weigh so much time tinkering around with themes plug ins and things like that when it comes to putting together a blog for the first time. I say, just get a them up there, start blogging, start writing start creating great content whether it be a video content or audio or simply writing great post.

From a small business stand point I guess the one piece of advice that I will give to wannabes business start up or owners would be to focus mainly on not necessarily putting something out there to be able to make money, but rather to put something out there to be able to help people. Any businesses that I’ve been involved in before with the sole reason of just making money, 95% of them have failed. Where if I have focused on putting together either product and service that genuinely helps people those are the business that have reap the most amount of success and make me the most amount of money. And the beautiful thing about a small business owner particularly on-line now a day is that you can implement your blog into your business very very easily and it’s a great way for you to be to be able to become very personable and very communicated with your prospective and existing audiences. So, you should certainly look at coupling the two together."

(Interview with Chris C. Ducker)


Darya Pino is a San Francisco based trained scientist, foodie and a lover of local, seasonal foods. A PhD in neuroscience, she writes for a number of publications that includes The Huffington Post, SF Weekly, KQED Science and Edible Science Francisco. Darya blogs at Summer Tomato that gives a complete guide to healthy eating. It offers valuable tips and advices on healthy eating specifically targeting the foodies in urban areas.

"Understand that your blog is not about you. It's about your readers, and helping them comprehend your little corner of the world. If you value your readers, respect their time, answer their questions and treat them well, they will notice and tell others about the great work you're doing."


James Chartrand is the foundational name behind 'Mens With Pens", an established, recognized and reputed web design and copywriting agency that aims to help you grow your business from zero to hero in quite a short time. He specializes in copywriting, branding, blogging, sales and marketing, online business and many more.

"Buy lots of Shiraz…

Just kidding. :)

Figure out your mission. Take an hour, a day or even better, a week, and write down what you believe in. Why you want to blog. What you want your blog mission to be. What you want to achieve with each and every blog post. I wrote about this two years ago and I still find the advice to be one well worth revisiting.
Having that guiding light to refer back to through the months of writing will help keep you going. Blogging is a long-term commitment to both yourself and your readers, so create a mission that reminds you of what you wanted to share and achieve.

Oh, and slow down. There’s something to be said for the person who slows right down and stops racing against the clock. You’ll absorb better understanding from what you read, and you’ll also be able to write better posts for others to enjoy."


Joanna Penn is an author of three non-fictional books: 'How to Enjoy Your Job', 'From Idea to Book' and 'From Book to Market' and has recently published an action-adventure thriller 'Pentecost'. She is also runs a highly resourceful and informational blog: 'The Creative Penn' where she writes content for those who wish to write or are interested in publishing, she also writes articles on how one can leverage internet for marketing and promoting their books. 

"Firstly, write what you love to read. These days there is a market for anyone online as you can target very small niches globally. Also, learn about the different publishing options available to you and weigh up the pros and cons of each. You don’t have to wait for an agent or publisher to get your book out there anymore. You can publish your own book on the Amazon Kindle and sell direct to the reading masses, as well as on the iPad, Sony Reader, Nook and other devices. If you go down the independent route, use professional editors, cover designers and ebook formatters to ensure a quality product. Finally, get started on your author platform before you have a book you need to sell. Whether you want a traditional publishing deal or you want to go indie (independent), you need to be able to sell your book to an audience and it takes time to grow that online presence."


Jordan Cooper is a professional stand-up comedian and comedy writer who calls himself 'Entrepreneur. Creative Artist. Certified Wiseass'. He has his own unique and incredibly witty style of writing with a refreshing approach towards social media and eCommerce. He has been a part of marketing initiatives with many companies and entrepreneurs, including quite a few Fortune 500 companies, entertainment industry and even a strip club.

"Traffic doesn't matter. People matter. I believe more people know *of* me and what I do than actually read my blog on a regular basis - and that's what essentially gets me traction - being closer to the top of people's minds than others, regardless if they're actually visiting my site or engaging with me.

This is what I like calling "blogging for influence". If your site is based primarily around "You, Inc." then it really doesn't matter how much traffic you actually get if you're generating revenue opportunities. So don't focus on those traffic stats so much. Think of the people. I'd much rather have 5-10 people in my network who hire me and connect me with ventures than have 20,000 nameless faces visiting my site and seeing nothing from it."


Jules believes in minimalist approach towards cooking and therefore creates simple recipes containing not more than 5 ingredients and takes less than 10 minutes to prepare. Jules used to work with an Australian company as a food scientist whose job was to design chocolate biscuits. After quiting her job to take up full time blogging, Jules created Stonesoup, and teaches simple cooking through her Virtual Cookery School. Jules is also a writer and a photographer who also creates instructional videos for her readers.

"Just jump in! The most fun is in making it up as you go along."


Kaleah Bee is the voice behind Honey Bee In The City blog. She is a graduate in Fine Arts and loves to share things what she truly loves. Besides being a friendly blogger, she is a craft lover and makes handmade hair accessories.

"Be consistent and be sincere! I wrote a whole post on the DOs and DON'Ts of Blogging and I've received great feedback as a result from it! I don't think there's a full proof way of doing things, and my method may be totally backward from someone else's. I just know that so far this seems to be working for me and I get to do what I love, so I'm going to keep it up!"


Kim loves creative projects and rather than looking for them on other sites, she decided to create a place herself where she can feature creativity and share them with the people who appreciate it. A busy mom who also teaches fitness classes and loves to watch Oprah has created a wonderful community of creative people all over the globe through her blog.

"There are SO many wonderful blogs out there!  Blogging and Social media are blazing our own path, there are very few "HOW TO" books for this industry, learning as we go. However, I think it holds true to write from your heart.  Don't try to BE what you think will bring traffic. Be authentic! You've got to be YOU!  It's basically the same lesson our mama's taught us."


Leonie Allan is an Australia based full time blogger and Goddess Guide to women to help them discover the wise, creative, joyful Goddess inside them. She is a writer, artist, creator and retreat maker. She has coached over 2000 women and loves helping them remember that they are Goddesses. She has been featured in SARK’s best-selling “Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper”, “Fabulous Friendship Festival” and “Glad No Matter What” and in magazines including Goddess, Spellcraft, Life Images and Spheres.

"Share your gifts with the world. We need your miracles, dearest."


Parka Blogs is one of those engaging blogs that talks about Art related stuff and specially Art books review. Parka, a Singapore based guy reads books and reviews them for those who find it difficult to decide which book to buy and which not. The only aim is to help you make a informed purchase. Most of the books he review are related to animation, movies or comics.

"Understand who your readers are and write what they are looking for, or what they could be looking for. The bottom line is really to create useful unique content. That's how popular media content sites become popular. There should be special emphasis placed on being unique, because if your content is not unique, there's no compelling reason for readers to choose your site over other sites."


Sarah runs a blog called 'Template Faerie' that aims to create a unique and beautiful blog for you. It was founded in 2010 by Sarah Payne, a girl with a unique approach towards blogging and its different aspects. She is also equipped with template customization and web designing skills, and intends to give spiced up templates. Her articles are fun to read that ranges from blogging tips, blog promotion, blogging platforms, designs, reviews and more.

"While I don't think blogging is for everyone, I think that most everyone has a reason to create a blog. Whether you want one to promote your business, share your knowledge on a certain subject, or use it as a diary, a blog is a great way to gain recognition, express your opinions, and get valuable feedback from your readers. Blogging can be a difficult task if you want to get noticed, but if you really enjoy it, you're determined, and you're patient, you're bound for success."


Tara is the voice behind Scoutie Girl, one of the most inspiring and informed place for  creative thinkers, aspiring business owners and careful shoppers. You can connect, converse, commune with extremely creative people here. Tara is a business coach, blogger and motivator who guides passionate people to build a business for themselves.

"Get clear about what you want others to get from your blog. Get really clear about what your readers need from you.

If you can do that, the stories of your life, the experiences you have, and the beauty you create will always be relevant and engaging. Your readers will want to spread the word about you because you are delivering to them exactly what they want."

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    Inspiring interviews - and so good to see the GIRLS well represented!

    Lets' face it, women are the original networkers. In WW2 they networked their butts off, saving lives, all-be-it quietly and via secrecy and tunnels.

    Then came the 1950's and "mother's Clubs" at schools, well, in Australia anyway! Good wives would not think of pursuing 'real' work.

    Now we blog, network, chat. Did I forget Facebook? Blogging is virtual networking with a coffee on the mousepad!

    Seeing such a variety of Women Who Blog is heart-warming and gives me confidence I am on the write track.


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    Amanda Bottoms was only 7 years of age when she started teaching herself about computers and technology, and today she runs a wonderful blog called Kevin and Amanda,



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    Tara is the voice behind Scoutie Girl, one of the most inspiring and informed place for creative thinkers, aspiring business owners and careful shoppers.



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