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Over the last three and a half months, I’ve had guest posts accepted to 14 blogs, including Problogger, Copyblogger, The Sales Lion, and Clever Marketer.

Did that bring traffic back to my site? You bet.

In this post, I’m going to teach you how you can do the same. It really isn’t that hard, and guest posting can be a cornerstone of an effective strategy for growing a blog or website.

I’m going to show you how to figure out who to approach, and exactly what to say to them so that they will be happy to run your post (to-date, I’ve had a grand total of 1 rejection).

But first, you need to learn how to answer this question:

If you want to impress someone, should you offer them steak, or peanut butter?

Steak or peanut butter? Really?

Yep. If you understand how to answer this question, then you will be able to get guest posts on authority blogs. I know it seems like a stretch, but bear with me.

The obvious answer is steak, right?

I mean, seriously – If someone is coming over for dinner and you really want to impress them, then you’re not going to serve them plain old peanut butter, right? You’re going to get the best cut of filet mignon that you can find, and get it cooked just right for your guest.

But wait – what if the guest is vegetarian? Or five years old? Hmmm… that changes things, doesn’t it? Vegetarians won’t appreciate even the highest quality steak, and children are likely to prefer a simple peanut butter sandwich.

The lesson here, of course, is that taste varies from person to person, and in order to know what you should serve them, you first need to know what they like. That’s the big secret – if you understand what people want, it’s easy to give it to them, and if you give them what they want, then there’s no reason for them not to take it.

Okay, let’s talk about the nuts and bolts…

Who to approach?

Remember that all traffic is not created equal – just because an authority blog gets tons of traffic and comments doesn’t mean that it will do much for your blog to post there. You want to post on blogs whose visitors will be interested in what you have to offer, and will be likely to stick around on your site after their first exposure.

Here’s how to find the blogs that you should target. Start by thinking about who your readers are – get a clear picture of them in your mind, so that you know who you’re talking to. Next, make a list of the different things that your readers are interested in – not just what you do, but other things, too. For example, people who are interested in small business marketing are usually also interested in personal finance and online payment processing.

Now, for each of these areas of interest, make a list of the top blogs in that space. If you need help, try Googling the search terms, or using Alltop.com. This list is the list of blogs that you should be pitching (for the technique on how to do this from the Master who taught me, check out Jon Morrow’s Guestblogging course.

What to say?

This is where the steak or peanut butter comes in – you have to know what they want before you send them an email. Too many emails asking for a guest posting opportunity look something like this:

Hi Blogger,

I am Mark John from MyBlog.com. I really love your big blog since you have a big audience and it has been my dream to get featured on so many big blogs so that I can get a lot of traffic. I have attached my guest post to this email and I hope your blog sends me a lot of traffic from it.

Best Regards,

Mark John

(This hilarious example is borrowed from How to Use Guest Blogging to Grow Your Blog on YoungPrePro.com, which you should click through and read.)

It’s no surprise that an email like this doesn’t work, is it?!

Here’s the email template that I use, which works a whole lot better:

SUBJECT: Guest Posting on [BLOG NAME]


I only recently discovered your blog, but as you know, I really like your stuff! [ALTERNATIVELY, I'VE BEEN READING FOR A WHILE, ETC.]

I've been thinking about writing a post about [SUBJECT], and it occurred to me that it would be a great fit for your audience. Here are a couple of ideas for the headline (which can be changed, of course):


To get a sense of my writing, you can check out [MY BLOG], or [MY MOST SUCCESSFUL POST, IDEALLY A GUEST POST] – it got [HOW MANY COMMENTS, SHARES, TWEETS, ETC.].

What do you think? Shall I write up a draft?


The key to making this work is reading through the blog, finding a subject that you know will interest the audience, and a headline that will grab their readers’ attention. Make sure to search their site for posts covering your subject, to make sure you aren’t pitching them an idea they’re already used, and check out their Popular Posts section to find the sort of headlines that have performed well for them in the past.

What do you think?

It’s really not as hard as people think it is. As long as you offer steak to the big blogs that like steak, and peanut butter to the big blogs that like peanut butter, they’re all going to be happy to publish your content.

Does this make sense to you? What blog are you going to try this with? Leave a comment and let me know…

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    Great post Danny. This definitely stands out. I like the wording in your guest post email. Damn good template.


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    Great post Danny. This definitely stands out. I like the wording in your guest post email. Damn good template.


  3. No Said,
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    You suck danny


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    Thanks for the fantastic post! I'm going to try it with a friends blog, life etc. our blogs are pretty similar and I just finished a blog post that is similar to her style. I think it might just work... I'll let you know how it goes!


  5. Ejunkieblog Said,
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    Please do, we are sure that Danny Iny would also love to know to how it went. :)


  6. Elisa Jed Said,
    http://www.e-junkie.info/2011/04/steak-or-peanut-butter-how-to-land.html?showComment=1380130306615#c4378715223980881640'> September 25, 2013 at 10:31 AM

    I know that when I read this right off the bat my mind said: steak. But you do have a point.


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