In the past, we have featured so many women bloggers who not only own great blogs but also inspire us with what they are doing and what they dream to do. Some of the greatest examples are CA Kobu from Life Literacy Labs, Joanna Penn from The Creative Penn and Allison Boyer from After Graduation. While looking for more such personalities, I stopped by this great looking blog called HoneyBeeInTheCity. I loved the lively articles there!

Kaleah Bee is the voice behind this beautiful blog. She is a graduate in Fine Arts and loves to share things what she truly loves. Besides being a friendly blogger, she is a craft lover and makes handmade hair accessories. We contacted her for an interview and she has been kind enough to answer a few questions for us. Catch it below:

Kaelah, please introduce yourself to E-junkies.

Hello! I'm Kaelah and I'm a 23 year old freelance graphic designer and blogger. I live with my fiance and our two fat bulldogs in sleepy, sweet Tennessee. I spend my days dreaming about a gorgeous wedding, pretty dresses, and eventually opening up my own independent retail shop.

When did you start blogging?

I've been blogging in some way or another online since I was 14 in 2002. It started with Xanga and LiveJournal, and then I eventually moved to Blogspot in May of 2009.

What inspired you to start blogging? Is there anyone whom you look up to as your idol or inspiration?

I decided to start a Xanga and LJ simply because that's what all the cool kids were doing at that time. I could get all of my teenage angst out and join communities to find people with similar interests as me. I decided to move to Blogspot and keep a public blog because I had found so many that I enjoyed reading. When I first started, I really loved Keiko Lynn and I still read her blog daily.

How did 'HoneyBeeInTheCity' start?

I snagged an art internship at BUST Magazine in NYC and in May 2009, I hopped on a plane and made my first solo move across the country. I wanted to keep the blog as a way to show my family and friends what I was up to in the city. I became sick while there, so I lost interest, but I quickly picked it back up once I moved back to Tennessee later in the summer. Since then it's just been my place to share goals, adventures, daydreams and things that interests me! All while trying to promote a positive attitude and lifestyle.

What are the other things that you like to do, things that interest you or things that you would like to do? What is your passion?

I really love to craft and make things. I spend a good portion of my week making handmade hair accessories and the like. I also spend a lot of time taking photos with my fiance. He's a photographer. So we often find ourselves out taking random photos with various film cameras. We go on a lot of roadtrips and we really love taking our bulldogs to the puppy park. I spend a lot of time, and money, getting tattooed as well.

You own this beautiful blog. How does it feel to be so loved and admired?

Oh gosh, I'm constantly pinching myself! I feel like the luckiest gal in the world to have the amazing readers that I do. Knowing that they support me through my ups and downs is incredible. They were there for me when the big flood of 2010 took our home. They were there for me when I announced that Mike and I were getting married. They've been there for me through everything. It's like having several thousand best friends that you can tell everything to! It's so great because no matter what I'm going through, chances are highly likely that someone else out there has been through something similar. There's always something to relate to.

How has blogging helped you in growing personally as well as professionally?

It's helped me differentiate what should be deemed private and what can be shared publicly. It's held me accountable for certain goals. It's brought me some of the very best friends a girl could ask for! As far as professionally, I've had the opportunity to work with brands, inspiring people, and small business owners. It's also helped me understand the importance of social media and personal branding.

What is the best thing you like about blogging?

Definitely the community aspect! I've met so many amazing women (and a few men!) through my blog. New moms, new business owners, self employed gurus, best friends, etc. No matter what question you may have or what you seek to learn, someone out there in the blogosphere can offer you priceless advice on helping you achieve it. There's a certain camaraderie that goes along with blogging I think.

What do you do to promote your blog? Whats the big secret behind the success of your blog? (don't worry, we would only publish it.)

In the past, I've taken out small sponsorship spots on other blogs that I looked up to. I know how beneficial sponsorships can be for both parties involved. Not only am I helping fund someone else's dream, but hopefully the payoff will be that someone will help support mine. My blog has almost doubled in size in the past 2 and a half months, and I personally can't find a rhyme or reason for it. I haven't advertised at all but hopefully it is just a sign of continued growth. It's been a dream come true and I'm just so tickled that people like my ramblings enough to subscribe.

So, what's in the bag for future?

Good question! I know I'll enjoy the wedding planning process and sharing it with my readers. It's such a huge part of my life right now and it'll be great to get feedback and suggestions on things. Mike and I are saving to either move out of state later this year or buy our first family home. Hopefully that will pan out because the domesticated housewife in me is dying to get out and garden! I'd like to continue to build my personal brand and blog, all the while marketing my handmade hair accessories and eventually working on the brick-and-mortar retail shop. At some point I know I'd love to get into teaching if possible. Perhaps social media and blogging at an art school like my alma mater, O'More College of Design. I think social media is something that all businesses need to learn so hopefully I can put myself out there!

Many aspiring women bloggers would draw inspiration from you. What would you advise them?

Be consistent and be sincere! I wrote a whole post on the DOs and DON'Ts of Blogging and I've received great feedback as a result from it! I don't think there's a full proof way of doing things, and my method may be totally backward from someone else's. I just know that so far this seems to be working for me and I get to do what I love, so I'm going to keep it up!

Kaelah, thanks for such a refreshing interview. It is always a pleasure to feature such inspiring bloggers like you. All the Best!

You can see her blog at HoneyBeeInTheCity.blogspot.com
You can visit her Etsy store at kaelahbee.etsy.com

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