Entrepreneurship has always been the engine running the growth of our economy. Small businesses are launched every day to varying levels of success. Internet based businesses comprise a large part of this trend. Due to low entry barriers, aspiring entrepreneurs have been looking to the internet to experience their dream of working for themselves; but many are falling short.

Statistically, 4 out of every 5 businesses fail within 18 months. There is some debate regarding these numbers and what 'failing' really means. The hard truth is that most that don't fail or go bankrupt are merely paying their bills; aka staying afloat. This article is not intended to strike fear or dissuade you from starting your own business and being financially independent. On the contrary, it's to encourage you to consider a few factors that can help you succeed.
Founded in 1994, Amazon has come a long way and this month, the company celebrates its 20th birthday.

When Jeff Bezos launched the company, it was called Cadabra but Bezos wanted the company's name to begin with 'A' and that's how he settled on the name of the world's longest river, Amazon.

These 20 years have been exciting for Amazon because what initially started as an online bookstore, today is the world's largest online marketplace selling almost everything from video games to food and products like the Fire Phone, Amazon Kindle eBook reader and the Kindle Fire tablet computer and is also a major provider of cloud computing services.
Want to stay cool this summer then meet this hot new water toy, Phish handboard by Slyde Handboards! 

Slyde Handboards is a CA-based surf brand company that aims to spread smiles and stoke by showing that everyone can surf and enjoy the waves.

Talking about handboarding, it was a fast food tray that inspired the concept of 'handboard'. A handboard is a water toy used to amplify the bodysurfing experience. The founder of Slyde Handboards, Steve Watts grew up in South Africa  and constantly searched for the best device to ride the waves with. He tried everything from fast food trays to flip flops, Steve and his friends soon. A few years later Steve came-up with Slyde Handboards creating awesome handboards.
It's a new day and urban mobility continues to evolve, and determined by more and more useful and informative options. You can choose any preferred mode based on your own priorities. Over just the last five years, sustainable urban mobility choices seem to have reached a tipping point in the world's major cities. Mobile technology-dependent private options, like Uber and ZipCar, have increased private travel options, while new systems like the bus rapid transit (BRT) and bike-sharing have gotten so popular that they've caused a boom in public transport options.

As a result, in most of today's big cities, part of the travel challenge has become deciding on what service to use. Every travel option, from bus to bike-sharing and from metro to car sharing, also offers real-time travel information. Just negotiating such a constellation of mobile apps can be a complicated and time-consuming task.
Are you a tea lover, looking for a more healthy option for tea then check out Teaglad.

Teaglad is an eCommerce store owned by Alfred Mai that sells Matcha green tea that they claim to be the healthiest tea on earth that contains 137x more antioxidants than regular green tea.

"Teaglad was founded based on a realization that finding high-quality specialty tea was much harder than it needed to be. As the popularity of tea is growing, we don't want to capitalize on a trend, but instead we want to ensure that people who do join the tea movement pick the best choices for themselves."

All Teaglad products come from actually where they originate like their Matcha green tea comes from the heartland of Japan.

Well, talking about the benefits of the Matcha green tea from Teaglad, it helps one:
The social networks has taken over everything, I mean where ever you go it follows you around and if what Valerio Loi has foreseen comes true then I bet many of us are going go crazy.

Valerio Loi is a London-based photographer who has created a series of called 'Web Popularity Products" that features popular social networks as canned products, milk cartons and food jars sold on the supermarket shelves.

"Alongside our physical life based on face to face interaction, nowadays many of us consider really important that online image and networking: our online self-worth is often defined by the number of followers we have , how many times we are mentioned by others and how many likes we receive on a certain content posted", explains Loi.
What do you do when you are all worked-up and need something to relax and entertain yourself? Here are 14 fun websites to your rescue... 

Here is another edition of 14 fun websites that you must bookmark for times when you have nothing to entertain yourself and are done doing all the cliched things that everyone does online to entertain oneself.

This time you'll find websites that'll bring back some old childhood memories, help you find what the Internet thinks about you, seek knowledge online and much more. So what are you waiting for, start scrolling and be entertained:
There is no doubt that millions of people are earning money from the internet, some more than others, you may have used some tried and tested methods such as paid surveys, consumer data is big money to large corporations, they want to know what people really think. Writing is not much different, people like to read content on subjects that interest them, businesses need content that helps to sell their products and shine a good light on their company.

For many who are looking to make extra money online writing has become a trustworthy solution, think about the millions of blogs, websites and email newsletters companies send out, that content has to come from somewhere.. Where business owners just don't have the time or expertise they pay for individuals to write content for them. Of course anybody with a good level of grammar and spelling can write on any subject that interests them and get paid for it, you may be somebody with a particular skill for selling things to people, in which case business owners pay big bucks for the right press release that gets those results.
Want to track your love life and your emotional state throughout the year, check out these wonderful Life Calendars by designer Raquel Catalan of Brigada Creativa.

Designer Raquel Catalan of Brigada Creativa has created two Life Calendars to help the users keep track of their love life and emotional state on a day to day basis.

The first calendar, called 'Love Life, Day by Day' features 365 hearts, divided into four quadrants and at the bottom you'll find how you are suppose to mark color the hearts

The more happy your love life is, the more red hearts will be found on your calendar proving that you are in a very healthy relationship.
Remember that Infographic we published, "How Do You Internet?" According to that infographic, more than sixty percent of internet users believe that search engines are unbiased. On the one hand—of course the search engines are unbiased; they rely on algorithms and data points to deliver your search results. On the other hand, certain data points are weighed more heavily than others (thank God, otherwise eZines articles would still be the first fifty pages worth of search results). That means if you know which things are weighted the most, you'll be able to manipulate the system…

…no matter how hard Google works to make you think otherwise.

How else do you explain "negative SEO"?
Meet artist Ernest Zacharevic who has recently painted the streets of Malaysia with playful street art.

Zacharevic's new work features several large murals decorating the old and worn out walls on the streets of Malaysia focused on the local people and their way of life.

Along with the artist's signature imagery showing kids at play, the artist also painted some of the most wonderful pieces the one with the elderly man with a cup of coffee.

Scroll down to check out some of our favorites:
It's 4th of July finally, the red, blue and white day we have been waiting for.

I know you already have special plans for the holiday and while you are busy barbecuing and enjoying your time with your loved ones, it's not good of us to interrupt your celebrations and appreciation of the freedom we all enjoy every day.

So coming to the point, here is a collection of 30 inspiring quotes about freedom and independence that'll definitely appease the patriot in you.
It seems that with each passing day, the stuff of science fiction leaps from the pages of Asimov and into reality. Animal cloning? Check. Drones? Check. Flying cars? Check. The Rift, a forthcoming virtual reality headset from Oculus VR, aims to join the list of groundbreaking innovations with an incredibly realistic rendering of both everyday life and fantastic worlds. As it turns out, The Rift has been brought to our attention thanks to various other modern technology innovations.

Oculus started raising funds for the new project on kickstarter, a website that reflects the growing trend in crowdsourcing. The internet is one of the world's great democratizing forces, giving inventors a chance to connect with people all over the world, even if they haven't moved out of the garage yet.
If you love ceramic products then meet Jennifer Fiore and Nina Lalli from MONDAYS, two friends who, few years ago, met by chance in a Monday night ceramics class and immediately shared their love for clay and ended-up launching MONDAYS a line of functional ceramics.

At MONDAYS, you'll find all sorts of ceramic products like tableware and planters and vases handmade in the duo's Brooklyn-based studio.

The best part about the MONDAYS products is that no two products are exactly identical and you might also find a few imperfections here and there that you won't find in the machine-made ceramics. The products are also lead-free and food-safe (unless mentioned in the description).

To know more about MONDAYS, read on our exclusive interview with the duo.
Here we are, on the verge of another beautiful all red, blue and white day. Yay!

I bet most of us already have our 4th of July plans already in place, a nice barbecue at the beach, a lunch with family and friends or simply relaxing and at home.

Just in case, you are struggling with some thing like what to cook or wear, decorations or anything else, here are 10 easy DIYs that won't take much of your time but will definitely make the celebrations all the more special.

Have a look at some of the 10 best and easy DIYs:
Can you not keep your hands off your phone? Are you always texting or surfing the Internet on your phone? Do you think that you are addicted to your phone?

Meet 'Moment'!

Moment is an app that helps you track and control your daily phone usage. This app is the brainchild of iOS developer Kevin Holesh who was inspired to work on this app after he, himself came to the conclusion that he had been ignoring the people around him. "I wrote Moment for myself. I find myself ignoring my family and friends in favor of my iPhone. Sometimes that's okay, like when I'm looking up who starred in Men In Black with Will Smith on IMDB, but I really should be concentrating on the present moment and the people I love around me. I'm lucky enough to have a loving family and stellar friends, I should enjoy them every chance I get. Facebook, Pinterest, and texting can wait".
If you find the hieroglyphics boring then check out these Hero-Glyphics by designer and illustrator Josh Lane.

Hero-Glyphics is a series of illustrations where Lane puts comic book heroes and pop culture characters into the hieroglyphics. Every illustration in these series has been created with much attention being paid to every detail so that they resemble the real Egyptian hieroglyphics.

While the hieroglyphics are hard to decipher these Hero-Glyphics are much easier to comprehend, especially since we know everything about these comic book heroes and pop culture characters like the Spider-Man, X-Men, the Avengers, Captain Kirk from Star Trek, the Power Rangers and many more. According to Josh his love of ancient Egyptian art and superheroes inspired this work.
Web designers are one of the most sought after professionals on the market at the moment due to the importance of having a great website. Whether you're a freelancer, small business or huge corporation, you need that calling card for clients and customers, and a superb looking website is the best way to bring in business in the modern world.

But how do you design a great website? There are enough tools out there to be able to put together a good website for your business, but what if you are designing the site yourself? Here are 10 steps that will help you design the perfect website for whatever need you may have:
Meet 'Reading Rainbow' that has recently become one of the most backed campaign in history of Kickstarter. Wondering, why?

It's still a day to go until the campaign ends on 3rd July and it has already raised some $4.7 million from more than 95,000 backers, and counting and has also attracted the attention of Seth MacFarlane who'll match the next $1 million in pledges helping 'Reading Rainbow' reach more and more kids.

This is the first time in the history of Kickstarter that something like this has ever happened.
Apple fans are touted as some of the most loyal in the tech world, vying for information about new product line releases, software updates, and insider tips and tricks to make those hip and trendy devices even more conducive to living the life through a nifty handheld device. Apple is known for its top of the line, and subsequently pricey smart phones, tablets and personal computers, appealing to a world of self-proclaimed hip consumers that are passionate about having the best of the best and willing to pay the price to get just that. Its products have a reputation of taking years to make it to market because it refuses to produce anything that could be deemed subpar. At Fueled we noted the fact that the company's dedicated fan base eagerly bought in to its new iPhone offerings, yet Apple may have lost a notch in its technology belt by delivering a product that was less than "ready" for the masses. The jarring issue?