Well that's annoying.

When you walk into a store, or a shopping center, or even a restaurant, you cannot help but notice the look of the building and the layout of the products. The general appearance and upkeep is important to not only bring customers back, but to have knowledge of the store spread by word of mouth. No matter how polite the sales-people are, how amazing the products, or how delicious the food is; if the store looks dilapidated, the products are all over the floor, or the food comes from the kitchen as a mess on the plate, people will not want to come back. 

That's why with a brick and mortar business, the owner keeps the building in good repair, their space fits in with the surroundings, employees regularly arrange products to keep the displays pleasing to the eye, and kitchen staff presents food a specific way. The same can be said for an online business. In this series, we are going to discuss the virtual equivalent of keeping things tidy.

This week we are going to begin with an option many businesses like to use, but shouldn’t. There are a number of sites that auto-play music or a video when you go to the website. In a number of cases these sites belong to musicians or bands, but not all of them. Sometimes, auto-play items are setup to add a musical ambiance to the site, or to provide a video about the product, or the website itself. As helpful as the options might seem, it can be really distracting to the regular web user.

First you have to ask, if the person “surfing the net” comes to my site what else might they be doing?  Many will have something laying already, either they will have their own music playing, or an internet radio site, like Pandora or Spotify running. Or they may have their television on.  If either of these are the case then your auto-playing music or video is going to interrupt that, and could easily push potential buyers away.

Another possibility is that some people may not have the best internet connection. An auto-playing feature on the website is going to slow down the loading of your page. People do not mind waiting for a page to load, but if it takes too long, they are likely to just abandon your site before they even take a look.
If you want to include music or a video, then set it up on the page, but let the person who is coming to your website decide to play it.  If you are a musician or the page is for your band, then provide samples and let the person coming to your site choose a track to checkout. Someone may have told them about a particular song, and they want to checkout that one song first and foremost.

Keep in mind that when people are online, they want to pick and choose their internet experience, by auto-playing something you are take that choice away from them. And keep in mind Amazon does not auto play anything on their site, and they don't do too bad.


This week, E-junkie.info sat down (well, talked back and forth via e-mail) with web cartoonist Krazy Krow, the writer of Spinnerette.  Here's what we found out about him and his comics.

E-junkie: So first question, what made you decide to start your web-comic?
KraKro:  It was a 14 hour road trip to Florida!  I was in the back of the car wondering, ‘what if a superhero had a mutant power that was really hard to hide?’ The whole comic idea started from the six arms, and fat suit.

E-junkie: Were you primarily influenced by other web comics, comic books, or newsprint comic strips?
KraKro: I was a manga reader first, and hadn’t read many superhero comics. It was my wife who converted me by bringing a big stack of Teen Titan comics when I was in the hospital, getting my tonsils out.

E-junkie: Did you create Spinerette with Walter, the artist for the first issue, or did you come up with the concept and then get Walter to help you with the art?
KraKro: I wrote the script first, and then went to Altercomics studio to find an artist.  I had worked with Altercomics on my previous webcomic, Marilith.

E-junkie: For our readers who have not seen your comic before, what would you like them to know about it?
KraKro: It’s a superhero comedy about Ohio’s Number Three Hero!  She gets spider powers, including six arms, and decides to fight crime in the Midwest.  Small towns need heroes to.

E-junkie: You have another web comic, Charliehorse, can you tell us a little about it?
KraKro: I put Charliehorse on hold to do Spinnerette, I’d like to get back to it someday.  Charliehorse is about a boy who sells his soul to the devil for a prom date. What he gets is Charlie, a succubus who tries to teach a geek the fine art of dating.

E-junkie: I have to ask, is there a story behind your handle/pen name?
Krakro: It’s old….. I first used it in online gaming, way back in the Quake 2 days. Everyone had these super dark names, like ‘DeathScythe’ or ‘SWAT_RANGER.” I went with something intentionally silly, to keep myself from taking it too seriously.

E-junkie: Finally, is there anything else you would like our readers to know?
KraKro: I’m a mild-mannered mechanical engineer by day. It surprises people to here, but I don’t think of engineering and comics as that different. An iron trunnion casting is just sculpture with a job to do!

Thanks for chatting with us Krazy Krow, we wish you the best of luck with both Spinerette and Charliehorse.  If you are interested in checking out either comic you can find them here:


If you are looking to start-up your own online business - or already have one that you want to make more your own – a good option is to design your own purchase buttons.  Many online shopping cart systems allow the user to customize the code and change the image.  In E-junkie it can be done with the Buy Now, Add to Cart and View Cart buttons, and the buttons within the cart itself.

There are some companies out there that will design these for you.  But you can do it yourself and with little to no cost, by getting a image editing system.  These programs (though not at the level that systems like Adobe Photoshop, which maybe you have or should invest in) will give you all the tools you need to get the job done at little or no cost.

These system will allow you to design your own buttons, and maybe a logo as well, then you just need to place them on your server so you can use them on your website.

Don't have server space to store the files once your save them?  No worries, use our FreeSSLPic site to store the image.