While brick and mortar shops employ merchandisers to encourage shoppers to buy, successful online shops employ similar practices to encourage shoppers to click and buy. Creative digital companies often employ designers who specialize in the User Experience, because they realize how important it is to capture users and make it easy for them to convert into buyers, even brand ambassadors.

Even if you can't afford to hire out, you can borrow some of their tenants to employ on your own online shop website.


Whether you have one product on a page or if you want to group several on one page (perhaps because they go together or are versions of each other), you want to make sure the page is not cluttered. Like a messy shop, clutter discourages and overwhelms consumers. Bottomline: Make it easy to understand and buy. Use straight forward URLs for inner product pages, and make sure your homepage makes it easy to enter the shop space (a "SHOP" or "PRODUCTS" tab at the top of the page is an easy way to make that happen).


More purchase buttons is not better! Don't scream at your potential buyers, persuade them with taste, personality and above all clarity. Your purchase buttons should be prominent, placed below the description of the product and near to a large, clear image of your product. And only have one purchase button on each page. You'd be hard pressed to find a person who loves a pesky salesperson, and huge purchase buttons all over the place are the online equivalent.


Again, clarity is key. Your font choice should be clean and easy to read no matter where your potential customers are looking at it (test on mobile!). While font choice may seem like an excellent opportunity to show off your personality, messaging and imagery are actually safer bets for that. Designers will help you walk the line between expression and clarity but if you aren't using one, make sure you are never using a kitschy font like (the universally loathed) Comic Sans or even the (slightly less hated) Marker Felt. Instead, steer towards classics like Helvetica, Futura or Univers.

A Treat of Sorts

Posted: 9/26/2014

Hello all, are we still on our diets?  If yes, congrats! Treat yourself to a cheat day. If not, don't worry. Tomorrow is a new day. 

To provide you a way to celebrate or to indulge in one last not-sanctioned-by-your-diet snack, we curated some treats from our wonderful E-Junkie Sellers Community. 

Beefjerky.com has been selling their fresh packaged, 100% beef, jerky online since the 90s. Coming in six amazing flavors. It's not bad for you (full of protein!) and makes a great snack while hiking or after a workout. 

Not everyone is into the savory though. So what about something for the sweet tooths? Coming in seven flavors HamptonsHoney is a great way to sweeten up your life. Plus, it can potentially last forever. Seriously, archaeologists have found edible honey jarred up from ancient Egypt

Or maybe... your taste runs a little more, medicinal. There is nothing quite like a nice glass of wine after a long day, or with dinner. And we know antioxidants in wine are good for you. As long as you do not over do it, you won't get too many calories, or a hangover. Row Eleven curates an excellent selection of wines and ships them direct (if you live in one of the lucky states they distribute to). 
Not all products are created equally. Some cost more to ship, and to protect your bottom-line you'll need to adjust accordingly.

I want to let you know that if you have a large number of products all with different shipping rates this is not going to be the trick for you. But if you have a no more then nine products, or all of your products can fit into one of nine rates then these steps can help you out.

For these shipping rates you are not going to need to setup shipping rules, but instead just use our Define Packaging option, on the right of the first Edit E-junkie Cart Shipping Rules screen.

What you will want to do is setup the rates you want for your products, lets call them products 1 through 5 for this example.  Each one of these five are going to have different rates:
1 - $2.50
2 - $3.50
3 - $5.00
4 - $6.50
5 - $9.00

Now we want to enter in the rates.

Make sure to click Next after you set this up.

After that is setup you want o make sure your products have the option for the correct package setup within their settings.  If you already have the product setup click on the View/Edit/Delete Products option on the left side of the Admin page.  Then select the product and click Edit.

Make sure the Shipping/Buyer's Address option is enabled.

The click Next to go to the Shipping Options page.  Set the packaging type as the one you setup for this product.

Finally finish up by clicking Next until you can Submit the new product information.