When setting up a web based business, one thing to keep in mind is that your buyers will not see sales people. They will not be meeting you, or any of your employees, face-to-face. People have an innate ability to read other people's faces and their body language. A cashier or salesperson can earn trust and appeal to buyers by engaging, making eye contact, smiling. But what do you do if you when you sell your products online and such aspects cannot be read by your buyers?

One thing to do is to avoid humor that is not overt. When someone is reading something online humor can be there, but it has to be obvious so that all potential reads can understand it.  If you jokingly say something about your product, like it can cure all your ills, but someone reads that as being a statement and not a joke, then that can cause a lot of problems.
Something else you want to do is describe your product well and thoroughly. Remember, your buyer can only see a picture of the product, they cannot hold it in their hands or ask for a demonstration. So give your buyers enough details that they know what they are getting, otherwise they may be returning the product once they get it.

Some online merchants like to include a video on their web page. This is a great idea, as long as you do notset it to auto play. Having a video that buyers can watch is a great way to include not only information about your product, but to also provide your potential buyers with a demonstration of the product. I'd recommend giving the potential buyer a virtual face-to-face interaction by including an employee in the video. 

Many potential buyers may have questions about your products, something you may not think to cover on the sales page. Give those people an easy to find option to e-mail you with question. But stay on top of the questions. If you are not going to be able to respond to questions on a given day, have someone who is knowledgeable about your product ready to do so. If someone asks a question about your product and you leave them waiting until the end of the weekend, or until you get back from your vacation, you may lose a sale and also any goodwill they might have had to send their friends to grab your product too. 

Over 2500 years ago someone wrote on a tablet, in cuneiform, that “Everyone wants to write a book.” Mind you, that person was including that as evidence that “the end of the world was approaching.”  

Today, everyone does want to write a book, or release an album, make a film, start a business and so on. Luckily, now we have ways to self publish. And better yet... if the cost is beyond what we can handle, we have website to find help with making our dreams come true. Here are a couple projects E-junkie thinks are worthwhile (and worthy of your support).  

We saw this new watch and liked it right away.  This watch projects the time directly on to the top of your hand at the push of a button, then just wait ten seconds or shake your wrist to turn it off.  You can also use it for alerts from FaceBook, Twitter, e-mail, your phone, and so forth. Throw them some cash support here

Blind Photographers 

Creating is a passion most people have, but what if you are missing the ability to see? Some would let that stop them from creating visual art, but others choose to be who they are meant to be, no matter what stands in their way. This planned documentary is meant to explore a world of photographers who will not see the beauty they create. Fund this ambitious film project here

One support request we see often in regards to our discount feature is how to set a percent based discount for just one product. We see it so often because the option to select either a Flat or Percent discount is grayed out when a product is selected.

The simplest way to handle this is to just calculate the percentage from the item and enter in the flat amount in.  For example if your product is $10.99 and you want a 25% discount, you would enter in a flat amount of $2.75 as the flat amount since 25% of $10.99 is $2.7475 you would round up, or you could round down if you want.

There is also a back door way to have our system calculate the percentage, but keep in mind this is not the suggested way.  What you want to do is setup the discount and in the field next to the grayed out Flat drop down menu enter in your discount as less then one cent.  For example a 25% discount would be entered in as .0025.

Make sure to also give your discount a separate Name and Code, or more then one code if you want.  If you want the discount to expire after a certain number of uses or on  a specific date, set those up and click Submit to save your new product specific percent based discount.

In an upcoming blog post, we will talk about discounts for some but not all of your products.