The online marketplace is crowded, if your customers can get in and out with a simple click of a button (instead of scrolling down lists of options) they are more likely to buy right now. Luckily, you can make your customers' shopping experience quick and easy with e-junkie.  

When you are selling a product that comes in different colors, patterns, etc. you can use our variant feature to set up a product with Variants to allow a single product to handle it, using drop down menus for buyers to select the size and color.  But consider having buttons for each option, a button for a small white shirt, a different button for a small black one, etc. This can still be setup with our Variant feature and then just a little extra coding is needed to make each set of options into a single button.


Guest blog post by Jessica Oaks

The rise of mobile devices has completely changed the nature of how people shop and interact with brands online. With nearly 50 percent of mobile phone users now relying on their mobile phone as their primary Internet source, it’s critical for retail businesses to be smartphone and tablet-friendly, and many businesses have risen to the task. Industry data shows that sales on mobile devices have skyrocketed at astounding rates — the New York Times reported in 2013 that mobile sales increased 81 percent in just one year.


Gearing Up For Cyber Monday

Posted: 11/21/2014
The holiday shopping season is about to kick off in full force around the corner, and  brick and mortar stores are preparing for Black Friday. But if you sell online, forget Black Friday, because Cyber Monday is the game you should be ready to play (in just over a week!). This post will help you get prepared.

Last year was the first year where online sales for Cyber Monday exceeded Black Friday. Total sales last year were nearly 2.3 billion dollars according to Adobe Digital Index. That is a continuation of the steady increase in online sales during the holiday shopping season

If you are running an online store then there are a couple of suggestions we'd like to make so you can grab a piece of that pie. 

Sometimes when you setup a particular product you want to allow people to purchase more of that one item at a discount rate. Since 'tis the season, you may want to offer a discount on your perfect gift items for your customers to snag in bulk for the holidays. 

Instead of going through the trouble of setting up multiple discounts for a single product, you can setup the product using the Variant feature to get the same effect.

For our example we are going to name our product “Product 2” and set the standard price to $2.00 for one to three, $1.75 for four to seven, and $1.50 for eight or more.

Start by clicking Add Product; then enter the name of the product and check off the box for Variants. 
Guest post by Joshua Marx of Team National

A backlink is simply one hyperlink from one webpage to another. Backlinks are one of the most effective ways to increase your page rankings and search engine optimization (SEO). By displaying other webpage hyperlinks that link to your post, you can work your way up to page one on the Google search engine. This strategy will benefit your company and significantly increase brand exposure. Consider the following steps to help you develop high quality backlinks that will enhance your page ranking results.

This week, I was lucky enough to sit down with Horror Expert and Poet Eric Myford. Eric has released two Encyclopedias of Horror and Suspense Films and five poetry collections. He’s a super impressive do-it-yourself dude.

Willy of E-Junkie: Eric, since you encyclopedia is for the horror/suspense film genre, what was your first horror/suspense film and what is your favorite?
Eric Myford: First horror movie I remember seeing was when I was about 3 and it was Q - The Winged Serpent. As for my favorite, always a tough call, but I would have to say "A Serbian Film". It is an amazing movie but it stands out because it's really the only movie out of 3000+ that actually had an effect on me. I thought about it for days afterward and some images are permanently burned into my mind. 

One of the great things about E-junkie is that it can be used by people all over the world. But not everyone is the Latin alphabet, and I do not mean just adding in accent marks. E-junkie can still be used with other character sets. To create the product name you will just need to place a period before and after the name, in the two examples I am using Hebrew and Japanese as our currency options allow for both the Shekel and Yen. The price, at the time of this writing both figure to $25 US.

Start by clicking on Add Product, on the upper left of the Seller Admin page. One the page enter in the name with the period before and after, along with the other information for the product, like so...

Guest blog post by Ruby Andrews of NI card.

Who can be considered a sole trader?

A sole trader is a person who puts his or her effort in a business that belongs to him and benefits by enjoying all the process. Sole traders get involved with financial risks. They are accountable to all debts if the business fails. 

The advantages of being a sole trader.

Low managerial costs (since one person is the sole owner) and easy start up (since less capital is required) are a couple of the advantages of becoming a sole trader. Also, since total control is in one person's hands, decision making can be quick and the sole trader (maybe you!) enjoys all the profit. 


The holiday season is upon us, and gift sales are already going up. Gift certificates are always a go-to for gift buyers (who wants to get someone they don't know something they might not like?) and you should consider offering them. 

Although we don't do a traditional gift card, there is a way to setup a gift coupon with e-junkie. The difference is the code that comes with the coupon will be used in one go, unlike a gift card/certificate that can be used for multiple orders over time.

The first thing you will want to do is come up with a list of codes, you can either do this manually or use an online system to come up with a list. random.org will come up with a list of codes for you. 
Guest blog post by Tanisha Williams of Chat eBooks

More and more publishing success stories these days are coming from eBook authors instead of those who publish print books. As a result, the number of eBook writers has gone up drastically. Though it may seem lucrative to write your own eBook and sell it, making enough sales to earn good money is not as easy as it seems. You need to learn and implement the right techniques and methods to promote your eBook. Here are some tips to help you do just that.
Picking up from last week, this we want to talk about setting province-specific tax rates for all the Canadian e-junkie users. We didn't leave our neighbors to the north out! 

Now the one problem you may find is that there is not a way to separate the GST and PST in the cart or receipt. But, since HST is used in many places this will not be a problem for everyone.

Start by going to Seller Admin>Edit E-junkie Cart Sales Tax & VAT Settings.  On the following page, in the lower right, enter in the abbreviation for each province and territory, followed by a comma and the tax rate. See the screenshot below to follow along as you set your settings. 


So you have decided to start a web business, or to move your already existing business online. Are you ready to build a website? There are plenty of people out there that can expertly handle for that for you (at a price). But if you have never put a website together before, you probably don't know what to look for in a web developer.

There are many list like this out there, and a number of them are on websites for web development companies, which is fine, but they do promote themselves at the same time.  Since E-junkie is not a web developer, we have no such biases. Here's what you really need to know before hiring someone to build your site. 
Lets face it, no matter how much we would like to see the opposite, taxes just keep getting more complex. Luckily, E-Junkie makes it possible to set up more then just a single sales tax rate.

If you are selling in a single state, lets say Arizona (where we are located), you will need to charge sales tax to buyers through out the state.  But different cities having their own tax rate (along with the state rate and maybe even a county rate as well), that can create a number of different rates depending on where your buyer is located. In this tutorial, we'll guide you through each step. Click on the photos to see things close up.

Your inbox probably proves that lots of people think e-blasting the heck out of people will drive conversions. Everyone gets unexpected, unwanted emails from people trying to sell something. But can you remember the last time you replied to one of those? Blasting doesn’t work, building relationships does. So how do you do that? 

Drive to subscribe.

Give people the option to get information from you. This doesn’t mean you just have to sit with your fingers crossed waiting for visitors to your website to fill out a form that let’s you contact them. 
Sweeten the pot by offering visitors to your site a discount on your products or entry into a contest, in return for their information. And promote that offer on your social channels too.
I was lucky enough to have a chat with prolific writer and artist Jessica Cathryn Feinberg this week. 
This is what she had to say...

Willy of E-Junkie: What is your current project? And is there anything you would like our readers to know about it?
Jessica Cathryn Feinberg: My current project is "Fire Dragons & Other RareEmber Creatures." 
It's a 100 page field guide to fire creatures, a deck of matching playing cards, and other related projects. It's the second book/deck in a series of five I am doing (Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Clockwork).

Shipping in the United States can be tricky if you are not using USPS Flat Rate Boxes. Part of the reason for this is that most people only really think about the 50 States, and the shipping can be different outside the contiguous United States.

E-junkie, being based in the United States, has certain settings based on the way things are set at the U.S. Postal Service. The United States, according to them, includes all the outline territories - Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, America Samoa and Wake Island. 

Even when shipping within the United States, UPS or Fed Ex can charge these locations can increase the cost of shipping.  So you will want to set specific shipping rates for these locations. We will show you how. 


Hey makers! One of the first things you need to consider when you're trying to turn your hobby into a business is what eCommerce option is the right fit for you. 

First, you have to ask "What is my business model?" If you do not know this, you have to sort that out before you launch your business, build a website, etc.

But we can help you.

Ask yourself these questions to start: 

Are you selling physical items?

Are you selling digital items? 

Are your products individualized for each person are you selling unique items? 

Are you selling a single item to multiple people? 

Some of our merchants have products that can all ship for the same amount, maybe you are selling CDs and/or DVDs or maybe clothing. Our shipping does allow you to setup a flat rate so the buyer gets charged for each item they are purchasing. For this example we are going to charge a flat $2.50 for each item.

Starting from the Admin page you will click on the Edit E-junkie Cart Shipping Settings link on the right side of the page. Then click Next on the page that loads, because you will not need the first page in the Shipping Settings.


As an old User, I have seen the many faces of computers. From using command lines on Commodores and DOS, to the ever advancing styles of Windows and Mac OS, with a little toying around with Linux. 

Now, the internet is bigger and easier then it ever was, with systems like WordPress. People can build websites without having to worry about knowing anything about coding. 

So it makes sense that you might say: “Do I really need to know anything about coding?”


A few weeks back I talked with award-winning web cartoonist Josh Sortelli - the creator of "No Scrying" and "Elf Only Inn". We delved into his creative process, found out what's next, and even got some recommendations. 

Willy of E-Junkie: I guess the first question would be what made you to decide to do a web comic when you started "Elf Only Inn" in 2002?
Josh Sortelli: This is going to sound like a joke answer but it is not: When I saw how bad the first wave of webcomics were I realized that any idiot could do it. That is still true today, there is absolutely no barrier to making comics online except for making comics online, but back then the major player was Keenspot and I was reading a comic called Fat Jesus and decided to take some ridiculous scribbles and use it to rant about chatroom roleplaying. I put a very small amount of effort into the first strips I made and I was certain that someday I would be on Keenspot too. And that actually happened.